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Over time, many buildings and structures become covered in dirt and grime, regardless of how carefully home or business owners strive to keep them maintained.  Here at El Paso Pressure Washing, we realize that the hands of time can be cruel to all buildings and surfaces; however, we are proud to offer pressure washing services that can reverse the serious damage.  By removing built-up dirt and grime, we help you provide an area that is not only safe for individuals but also more inviting and better for the structures themselves!  With our help, you can feel confident that you are putting up a good battle against the effects of time on your building or area.   

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Professional Pressure Washing Services

We provide high quality Residential and Commercial Pressure Washing Services in El Paso, TX and all surrounding areas. Our team is very professional and has years of experience. We offer a wide range of exterior cleaning services to home and business owners that can be custom tailored to match the surface we are cleaning. 

Our Services

Deck and Patio Cleaning

Decks and patios are the perfect area for outdoor cookouts, picnic and dangerous dirt build-up.  No matter how hard you struggle to keep your area clean, it is impossible to completely remove all grime, leaving your flat surfaces with a dirty layer.  Not only does this layer of dirt make your deck or patio look less appealing, but it can also provide a slipping hazard when it becomes wet.  To ensure that your outdoor area is safe and inviting, you need to contact us at El Paso Pressure Washing.  Our team of professionals will work to quickly and efficiently remove the built-up dirt and grime, leaving your outdoor area looking fresh and new. 

Siding Cleaning

Fresh siding can look far better than even the most professional paint job; however, once some time has passed, even the most expensive siding can look cheap when it becomes covered in dirt and mildew.  Unless you are willing to get out on a dangerous ladder and try to do away with this build-up by scrubbing it with a brush, removing it yourself is impossible.  Here at El Paso Pressure Washing, we have the skills and abilities needed to thoroughly wash and rinse your siding.  Our team will work to reach even the highest, most hard-to-access areas, doing away with dirt in places where you probably wouldn’t even notice it. 

Fence Cleaning

Fences play an important role in both outdoor décor and practical purposes such as keeping animals contained.  But, while fences are important, they are also exposed to many rough elements.  Unless you are willing to spend hours scraping off dirt and repainting your fence, keeping it looking its best may seem impossible.  Here at El Paso Pressure Washing, we are devoted to making outdoor fences look their best without the need of unnecessary painting.  We use our El Paso power washing equipment to carefully remove deep dirt without damaging the fence itself.  Ultimately, El Paso pressure washers can help your fence look better while also eliminating the need to repaint, saving you time and money! 

Roof Cleaning

If you’ve paid much attention to roofs, you will quickly notice that, regardless of the material used, they are often covered in a green or black film.  This film of mold or debris can not only be an eyesore but may also cause significant problems to gutter, resulting in leaks and foundation problems.  To prevent issues from arising, it’s important that roofs are kept clean.  Here at El Paso Pressure Washing, we realize that cleaning roofs can be an overwhelming and dangerous job!  This is why we are proud to offer complete roof cleaning services.  With our El Paso power washing, we work to restore your roof by removing all the dirt and debris. 

Public Garages & Parking Lot Cleaning

In El Paso, public garages and parking lots give individuals the opportunity to park their vehicles while they run errands and complete tasks at nearby establishments.  Sadly, if you are unwilling to provide regular cleaning of your parking areas, they will quickly become filled with sand and dirt from car tires, presenting individuals with a slick area that could not only damage their car but might also result in an accident as they try to walk back to their vehicle.  With our commercial pressure washing in El Paso services, we seek to eliminate the problem by removing all the dirt and debris that builds up in parking areas.  Our team members work in a speedy manner, making sure that your parking area is closed for the smallest amount of time. 

Window Washing

Washing windows is not only a frustrating job, but it can also be dangerous to attempt to reach windows that are high off the ground.  Here at El Paso Pressure Washing, we are proud to present a full line of window washing services.  We work hard to eliminate the built-up dirt and slim on windows.  We serve homes and businesses of all sizes, going the extra mile to help whether your windows are on the first story of a small mobile home or the sixth story of a large corporate building.  Once we are finished, you can enjoy the picture offered through a streak-free, spotless window. 

Awning Cleaning

Awnings offer storefronts a touch of class and beauty, until they are overtaken by dead bugs, spiderwebs, and built-up dirt.  Even when business owners try to keep their awnings in good condition, it can be difficult to remove dirt without taking the awning completely apart.  While this task can seem overwhelming to individuals, cleaning awnings is a regular part of life for our El Paso Pressure Washing team.  If you let us help you, we will be proud to use our techniques to remove dirt and grime from your awning, leaving it inviting and looking like new to passerby! 

Graffiti Removal

No one wants to go to work only to discover that some vandal has spray painted graffiti on their storefront, parking area, or nearby walls; however, that is reality for far too many individuals in El Paso.  We understand that graffiti is more than just an eyesore – it is a criminal act that has the ability to lower your property value and destroy your reputation.  At El Paso Pressure Washing, we make graffiti removal simple, using pure water and appropriate formulas to wash away the paint that is defacing your business area.  When we are finished, the vandal’s work will be nothing more than a memory! 

Happy Customers

Great guys, they showed up on time over the weekend and pressure washed our driveway and back patio. Left zero mess too! Price was fair and will definitely call them again when needed.
Nicole Feliz
Very professional and efficient crew. We had some graffiti on the side of our new office building and they completely washed it off. The whole process was effortless...from getting a quote, to them showing up on time, to the work done. Highly recommend them!
Tammy Rhodes

Why Hire Pressure Washing El Paso?

If you are located in El Paso and are facing dirt and debris that seems too difficult to handle on your own, then it’s time to contact El Paso Pressure Washing!  Our team of professionals understand power washing and know how to properly use it to remove dirt without damaging existing materials.  Contact us today to discuss the problems that you are facing and let us help you discover a solution!   With our years of experience, we are devoted to helping our customers receive the residential and commercial power washing in El Paso that they need to succeed!